Sristi 2020: Farmers and indigenous communities have evolved, developed and propagated location-specific innovations and indigenous knowledge practices for catering to their needs and addressing their location-specific problems.

Unfortunately, the capabilities, capacities, and creative potentialities of farmers and local communities have been largely neglected, unrecognized, underestimated and underutilized.

Indigenous knowledge practices developed by the local community are gaining more and more important especially in the present crisis of climate change, food / nutritional security, and agrobiodiversity erosion.
The active involvement of the academic community is critical for the promotion of Indigenous Knowledge and its sustainability. With the objective of sensitizing and mobilizing student community and faculty in promotion of rural innovations and indigenous knowledge, Centre for Rural Innovation and Indigenous Knowledge- Marian College in collaboration with IEDC, NSS Unit Marian College is organizing ‘SRISTI’ Marian Rural Innovation Fest.


 The product should be made by the students and should explain the process and details in front of the expert committee. Prizes will be based on uniqueness, relevance, scalability, quality (nutritive value, etc) and presentation.
 The support will be given to selected students for incubation /converting their knowledge practices into the business.
 Students can participate either individually or in groups
 Interested students need to register for the competition on or before 25th January.

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