PRAXIS 2020 by the Social Work Department
Praxis 2020

Field practicum is a distinctive feature of Social Work Education foregrounding a critical role in translating knowledge from all areas of the curriculum into practical skills. The hands-on know-how fortifies the student’s identification with the objectives, values, and ethics of the profession; fosters the integration of empirical and practice-based knowledge, and promotes the development of professional competence. Moreover, Field Practicum is a multi-disciplinary discourse that requires the engagement of diverse professionals and a commitment by all stakeholders to be creative participants in the practicum. These stakeholders include social work trainees, social work agency/practice site, practice site mentor, faculty mentor, field practicum coordinator and so on.

The School of Social Work, Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) strongly feels that sufficient deliberations in the continuum of Field Practicum, with various stakeholders, directly and indirectly, taking part in it, would augment the discourses in this domain and also bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Theme: PRAXIS 2020: Linking theory with practice, envisions a niche of fellowship for social work educators, practitioners, researchers, and students, globally, to share knowledge and experiences, trailblazing directions in social work education, especially in field practicum.

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