International Film Festival

3rd Kuttikkanam International Film Festival

The 3rd edition of KUTTIKKANAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (KIFF) “ചാപ്പ”, organized under the auspices of Communication & Media Studies department of Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) will be held on 2019 November 28, 29, and 30 respectively. The films which are to be screened at this festival are based on caste and race.  The three-day festival consists of 16 films (which will be screened at three different venues), cultural activities, and discussions. The first day will have the screening of the inaugural movie only. 

Documentary and short film competitions are also held in connection with the fest. One of the main attractions of the fest is that spectators inside and outside Kerala will become part of the festival.   

Certificates will be issued for those participants who attend the festival on November 29 and 30 completely. The registration fee is Rs. 150. If food and accommodation are required, Rs. 350 may be paid additionally. (2 days food  – 250 Rs.  + One day accommodation – 100 Rs. = Total 350 Rs.)

Please click on the following link to register for the festival:

To participate in short film and documentary competition, please register on the following links: 
Short Film:

To Contact for more details:  9544296100, 8129545444, 9562216216

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