His Grace Bishop Dr. Thomas Menamparambil (former Bishop, North-East Region) has paid a visit to Marian on 2nd August and addressed the Marian Community with an inspiring lecture. The erudite Bishop who had been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of being instrumental in bringing back normalcy in the North East called upon the teaching community to ignite the young minds and nurture a sense of self-confidence in them. They must discover and promote the greatness in the youngsters so that they will develop and pursue legitimate and noble ambitions in life. 
His Grace stressed the need for developing an appreciative culture and a collaborative mindset and at the same time, he felt that there is no harm in having healthy competitions. Nations must compete, but it shall be healthy so that the world would have a common future. The Bishop encouraged everyone to be bridge builders, thus fostering relationships in the communities where one live and work. He had been very clear about avoiding radicalism of every sort in every aspect of life. Concluding the speech, Bishop Menamparambil wanted the teachers to enable the younger generation to revive the values and to search for common grounds for a healthy eco-spiritual life.