Dear Marianites,

As announced, we are going to have our next Marian Diaries on Sunday 4 August.  It gives me enormous pleasure to continue the everlasting ties with you. As you all know, this time we were not able to have several rounds of discussions before the gathering. The date was fixed in consultation through WhatsApp. Also because of the gathering of old MaryKnollers from 2 to 4 August. The convenience of our NRIs was also considered.

This time we will have the following agenda as part of the gathering
1. Welcome
2. Discussion on modifications of the Association bylaws
3. Election of Executive members.
4. Brief planning of future events, especially the mega alumni gathering as part of silver jubilee.
5. Any Other

The formal meeting is planned from 10.30 am to 11.30 am. From 11.45 there will be department wise meeting.
Followed by Lunch.
After lunch, there will be few competitions including tug of war. There will also be competitions for children and ladies. The gathering will be over by 3 pm.

Request the participation and support of all alumni.

See you all on Sunday.

Fr Roy Abraham P