Food stall - sport's day

Food stall on sport’s day by students of II B.com ‘B’ follow: https://www.facebook.com/mariancollegeofficial previous post: https://marianpulse.mariancollege.org/congratulations-a-grade-holders/

ethnic day

Ethnic day 2019 winners - congratulations!

Congratulation to the winners of Ethnic day 2019 celebration Congratulations to the winners of ethnic day celebration 1st prize- 2nd M.com (A)3rd prize- 2nd B.com…

Outreach Program

Outreach Program - II BCom A

Outreach Program ” ഒറ്റ മര തണലിൽ “ Outreach Program “ഒറ്റ മര തണലിൽ” with the motives: പഠനം സേവനം വികസനം by 2nd BCom A batch on 29th…

Teachers Day Celebration by Commerce Department

As a part of the teacher’s day, the students of Research and PG Department Of Commerce conducted “MORALIZER’S DAY” {TEACHER’S DAY CELEBRATION}at the Marian auditorium.

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