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Saturday, 24 December 2016



Dear all,

Marian salute all its members for enrolling into DIGITAL INDIA TRAINING PROGRAM –VISAKA.  
We are now in 6th position all over India with 553 enrolments .

· 1. As per our records 754 people have enrolled.
Let us ensure that the remaining marianites also enrol as volunteer by visiting the link
2. When we come back after Christmas Vacations let us ensure that we do our part in digital training. Training materials are available on
3. The Govt of India has promised financial rewards for your contribution in this regard. So it is important that you have proof of what you do
4. Our college also will be giving you attractive cash awards for the best performers as given below: Best volunteer: Rs. 10,000, Best class: Rs. 10,000, The top 10 volunteers: Rs.1000 each.
What you should do:
5.Register as a volunteer by logging on to
Fill up your details. (please give your email id.Ø  Enter the name of our college as Marian College Kuttikkanam.Ø  Make note of your volunteer id. For more details visit
6. Volunteer and provide proof of digital transactions. (Digital transactions includes your own use, installing on somebody’s device, helping somebody to do transactions, visiting shops, campaigns, and training sessions in Kudumbasree etc.)
7. Submit the activities you do on VISAKA site by logging in with your id. You can also post photes in facebook page 1345221665541324/ (ENSURE THAT YOU GIVE COLLEGE NAME IN WHATEVER YOU POST)
8. Submit the documents to your class teacher in the following format on or before 05 January 2017. 

Visaka volunteer id:
Name of the beneficiary:
Beneficiary Account number
Beneficiary Aadhar number
Types of assistance made:   
  • Net banking
  • imps
  • UPI
  • Utility payment
  • Training
  • Demonstration
  • Wallet
  • Online shopping

Signature of beneficiary

Let us ensure that everyone in our campus has enrolled and have