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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Of Learning, Fun and Passion

The students of II BACE had an enriching experience at the Athmeeya Yathra Studio and Malayala Manorama Printing Unit during their industrial visit on the 11th of August. The students were introduced to the most modern techniques in television production and audio editing at the Thiruvalla Studio of Athmeeya Yathra. In addition, they were also given a chance to present their on screen skills for the channel's 'Independence Day Special'.  

The Malayala Manorama Printing Unit offered the students exciting inputs on the journey of a print publication from paper to layout, design, press and packing. Manorama's pioneering technology in the world of printing was narrated through a fascinating tale spanning over decades. With the perfect blend of learning, fun and passion, the visit is sure to become a much cherished memory in the minds of II BACE students.