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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

‘Action Breaks Silence ‘

Another testimony to Marian’s commitment to women safety and empowerment, the workshop on self defence for women – ‘Action Breaks Silence’ - organized by the Physical Education Dept and the Women Cell on Thursday 4 August, elicited an overwhelming response from the Marian girls.

A team of twelve instructors led by Sarah London demonstrated a number of safety techniques intended to educate the girls about all aspects of sexual and gender- based violence.

Participants gained insight into the psyche of perpetrators who commit atrocities on women and recognized the ‘inner warrior’ latent in every woman and girl. The girls also displayed, with great gusto, the counter- attack strategies they learned on the occasion.

Sarah London recalled those hapless victims who would still be living in our midst if only they had ‘broken’ the ‘silence’ of fear and passivity and triggered themselves into timely ‘action’.