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MCSC Calendar 2016

 MCSC Calendar 2016
Price Details

Ø  Single Page                                         : Rs.4000/-
Ø  Three box on one sheet                      : Rs.1000/-
Ø  Seven box on one sheet                      : Rs.600/-
Ø  Twenty box on one sheet                    : Rs.100/-

General instructions
·         No single photos are allowed.
·         Minimum of three members in a photo.
·         Those classes whocontributes maximum number of photos will be considered for the best class evaluation.
·         Class Photos, photos showing achievements of the class, peer group photos are welcomed.
·         There is a provision for promoting any department fests through the calendar.
·         Photos should be of high quality and clarity.
·         The College union has the authority to reject those photos that are not approved by the Principal.
·         The photos should be send through mail or as soft copy in .jpg/.jpeg or .png format.
·         The last date of submission of the photos is on or before 9th December, Wednesday 2015.
·         The photos should be send to any of the following:
v  Mr. Eric Thomas Joseph [MCSC Faculty Coordinator]:
v  Ms. Dona Joseph [MCSC Faculty Coordinator]:
v  Mr. Ben S. Mukkattil [Chairman]:
v  Mr. Dan George [Technical Head, MCSC]:

For more details contact:
Mr. Eric Thomas Joseph: 9895544250
Mr. Ben S. Mukkattil: 9446759323
Mr. Dan George: 9544090704

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