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Monday, 19 January 2015


I am very happy to announce that our College also participates in the Run Kerala Run Programme to be held tomorrow (20 January). Please see that the Staff & Students of the College follow the directions given below.
1.   We, together with students from MariagiryHigher Secondary School&ST Pius start running towards Kuttikkanam from Thattathikkanam at 10 am. (Organising will be done by the Panchayath)
2.   Students from IHRD,  St Joseph and Mar Baselius College of Engineering will join us at Kuttikkanam at 10 30
3.   There will be oath taking at the Junction by all participants at 10.30 followed by a flash mob by Marianites.


1.   All staff and students are encouraged to participate in the Run Kerala Runprogramme
2.   There will be college bus to take the interested students to Thattathikkanam to participate in the run. (only one trip) The bus will proceed from the Campus exactly at 9.40 am.
3.   All the members of Marian Family, including those do not intent to participate in the run are expected to join the public gathering at the junction.
4.   There will be regular classes immediately after the programme at the junction from 11.45 (Third Hour)
5.   Students who participating in the running are exempted from the College Uniform