Dear All Marian Aluminates,

We had a wonderful experience attending the Marian Alumni meet on 4th August 2019. Many years I wished to be there but was unable to make it. This time too it was tough to go but decided to set apart all other commitments to attend the meeting. Driving 140 km with kids in the early morning was not easy, however, my wife and kids also wanted to be there and that pushed me to kuttikkanam. We reached kuttikkanam in 4 hours from Angamaly. Marian College welcomed us with a chilling weather which was good enough to deep dive into the nostalgic memories of our Marian days. Our Roy Achan, Ajimon Sir & Joby Sir look young as we have seen 17 years back (seems they are not getting older anymore). That shows the energy and youthfulness they receive from the great institute.

 The Change (The Transformation) 

The change has actually set in on the campus  😊. We only had the main building along with the left side 3 story classrooms wing and the Maryknoll hostel & our famous Canteen. Now it’s much bigger with further developments on the other side of the check dam. Marian Management Institute is the highlight of the campus now with a bigger building on the higher side of the hill. Staff quarters sits next to the check dam. The small plants during our days on the lawn have become big trees like us  .. we were students but we are professionals and entrepreneurs now. Our BCom, BCA, BBA batches together were less than 600 during our days, now Marian College has 2000 students on-board with a variety of programmes. The college is NACC Accredited with A grade in 2014 and the youngest college to achieve the autonomous status which I think is the biggest milestone completed before the 25th jubilee celebrations due next year.

 Miya Kulpa! 

When we reached the campus, the preparations were going on and then thought of walk around the campus with kids and in the end, I raised a question to my kids, did you like the campus? The answer came like bullets! Yes, very much and we would like to study here once we become eligible. It was a proud moment to show them this is the college where I was started transforming as a person. And the meeting started at 10.15 am and I sat down in the meeting as a passive member since I had a slight regret not doing anything to make this event more successful since I had to back out in midway from the alumni meet responsibilities due to my work schedules and other commitments. Never thought of the importance or the priority of alumni and its gatherings. Though the numbers were less, the majority of the folks came from other countries to attend and I was just 100 miles away which is nearest. Aluminates from Middle East, USA. Australia & UK were present at the meeting and the chapters from these geographies are running successfully. When we stand outside, we will never understand the importance of this alumni gathering. But once we are in even after many years (17 years for me), It’s wonderful to see the growth of our College and its facilities. The efforts put by the Management, Teachers and admin staff are extra Ordinary.

 The Great opportunity on its way! 

Now I understand the importance of aluminates pooling together to contribute more for the next generations to come. Our kids too can have the opportunity to learn & transform from “Marian” the great Institution which already transformed thousands of lives with its standards of education. The great opportunity to gather again is on our way to the “Silver Jubilee” Alumni gathering on 2nd August 2020. It may not be possible for everyone. However, I am sure this is the great opportunity to cherish our memories, engage and connect more to re-energize our friendships, gather with our families and to see the transformation happened to each one of us. This should also be an opportunity to find out if any of our batchmates are required our support in any way. Plan your next vacations at kuttikkanam, book your tickets well in advance, don’t forget to be there, love to see you all on 2 August 2020.

Santhosh Dominic
Majestic BCom (1999-2002).