Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Social Innovation Workshop

Social Innovation Workshop for 1st year BSW students by 
Mr. James, Founder of Innoaction India. 

BACE Talent Day

Enactment of Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice Act 4 scene 1 by I BACE students 

Group Song

BACE Personality Development Programme by Mr Justin Thomas

MSW Rural Camp in the Media

BSW Rural Camp 'Shramdhan in the community'

MSW Rural Camp Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebrations at BSW Rural Camp

Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programme for BSc Maths students  by Mr Robin Mathew

BSW Rural Camp

Skill Development Programme for Children conducted by Fr Sunil as part of the BSW Rural Camp at Thekkemala

BSW Rural Camp Inauguration

Inaugurated by Peruvantanam panchayath president Mr K T Binu, Mr Shaji Pullattu and Thekkemala Ward member Ms Eliamma at Thekkemala.

Outreach Programme by II BCom A

Windfall Retreat by CSM and JY

MCSC Leadership Camp by Mr Justin Thomas

NSS Pre-camp Orientation